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Ladies Pathway Program

The program is designed to offer the following key elements: Fun, Safe, Social, Enjoyable, Progressive and Golf Club Community Feel.


Ladies Pathway Program

The Pathway program commenced around 3 years ago and has quickly become a popular route into Golf at the club. The idea of the program is for Ladies to learn golf in a very fun and social format with structured pathway through into membership at the club. The tuition programs are run throughout the year and each planned program of lessons runs over an 8 week period covering every aspect of the game both on the practice areas and on course.

The sessions have been a great success but after doing some research we found that there were a couple of hurdles which many golf clubs need to overcome:

  • Ladies had nowhere to practice as only members can use the practice facilities
  • We discovered initially some ladies were put off joining as they were beginners and the costs were too high

In 2018 we worked with the board and designed 2 new membership Pathways which are only for ladies attending Pathway sessions. The 2 new memberships were approved, and it has dramatically changed progression. Ladies now have a set route into the golf club, a safe place to practice and with a lower initial expense, this has increased the progression into membership.

We always have great fun and there is a real sense of community with the program, all the Ladies are now on the Pathway membership scheme and are really enjoying being part of the club.

Please contact me directly on 01684 564428 to find out more

Ryan Corbett