Subscription Rates

Membership fees comprise several components. The subscription is the sum payable annually to allow unrestricted play. Dues include the affiliation fees payable to the various golf unions. The bar levy is added to each members debit card account and payments for beverages over the bar using the debit card attract a discount. Finally there is a one-off joining fee for adult golfing members
The Joining Fee may be paid over 5 years or 10 years

Annual Subscriptions

1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021

Male Full£1014.75 £50.00£1064.75 £1,000.00
Lady Full£1009.50£50.00£1059.50£1,000.00
Male Country£631.75n/a£631.75£500.00
Lady Country£626.50n/a£626.50£500.00
Male Intermediate 28-39£769.75£50.00£819.75n/a
Lady Intermediate 28-39£764.50£50.00£814.50n/a
Male Intermediate 25-27£643.75£50.00£693.75n/a
Lady Intermediate 25-27£638.50£50.00£688.50n/a
Male Intermediate 22-24£506.75£50.00£556.75n/a
Lady Intermediate 22-24£501.75£50.00£551.50n/a
Male Intermediate 18-21£356.75£50.00£406.75n/a
Lady Intermediate 18-21£351.50£50.00£401.50n/a
Full Junior Boys and Girls£109.00n/a£109.00n/a
Cadet Boys and Girls£49.00n/a£49.00n/a
Social only£127.00£50.00£177.00n/a

Membership Categories

Full Membership - This entitles you to play at the Club at any time, sign up to 3 guests in at one time, full use of the Clubhouse, with discounts on bar purchases.

Social Membership - allows you use of the Clubhouse at any time and discount on bar purchases

Golf Club Facilities for Hire

2020 - 2021 Rates

Golf Bag (Tall) Locker Rental £48.00 paCurrently a waiting list
Holdall (Small) Locker Rental£24.00 pa
Trolley Store72.00 paCurrently a waiting list
Buggy Store £336.00 paCurrently a waiting list
Buggy Store (single)£208.00 paCurrently a waiting list
Course Status
Currently open
14.07.2020 10:33
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The golf course is open for members or members with a guest ONLY at present. Visitors will be permitted from 1st August. Visitors must call to book and no more 48 hours in advance. We are running a tee booking system and players may not turn up without a booking. Further information please contact the club. Please adhere to our strict COVID-19 policy
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