Dave Marshall, Junior Organiser

Dave Marshall, is Junior Organiser, and a scratch golfer. This is his sixth season leading the Junior section.

Attention All Juniors



The 2018 infrastructure of the junior section will compromise of new membership categories, a professional academy and further coaching on weekends to aid progression and development of the player. The initial pathway will be through the rebranded ‘Elgar Junior Academy’. The brand will be associated with the beliefs within Junior Academy of Fun, Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Progression.

The Elgar Academy:

The academy will run from 1745-1900 every Thursday from April 26th until September 27th. There will be 2 initial free of charge sessions for any new participants, then juniors are invited to join the Elgar Junior Academy for £10 a month on standing order (£2.50 per session) enabling them to come every Thursday. Three specific groups made up of ability and age, will be monitored by PGA professionals and Level 1 Golf Coaches.


Following the Elgar academy, there will be a Passport scheme put into place on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am – 12am which is aimed at players who want to progress into gaining a handicap and joining the club. These will be run in 4-week courses, dates of these courses are on page 4.


We are insisting this year to platform all communications through a whatsapp portal. This will be set up as a group to receive information regarding anything going on in the club instantly. In order to safeguard the junior’s, we will insist on the parent/guardian’s number. The application is free to download and runs off wifi or mobile data which incurs no cost.

Elite Elgar Academy:

This academy has been added in to target the better golfers at the Worcestershire who we feel are past the Thursday evening sessions and passport system. The elite academy will be held on Sundays at 12pm – 1pm and will be limited to 4 in each class so booking is essential to gain a place. This is also so we can deliver quality coaching sessions from fully qualified PGA professionals. You MUST be invited to join the elite academy by Paul or Ryan

Elgar Junior Passport Courses 2018

• £30.00 per 6 week course per child
• Courses from April-October
• Saturday & Sundays
• 6 week consecutive program
• Covers all aspects of the game
• Structured sessions
• Assessments
• Certificates on completion

Spring Course:
Saturday 28th April-2nd June: 1100-1200
Sunday 29th April-3rd June: 1100-1200

Summer Courses:
Saturday 16th June-21st July: 1100-1200
Sunday 17th June-22nd July: 1100-1200

Autumn Courses:
Saturday 1st September-6th October: 1100-1200
Sunday 2nd September- 7th October: 1100-1200

Cadet Membership (up the age 16):
• £45 for the year
• Full use of all practice & clubhouse facilities.
• Entitles juniors to 20% off private tuition.
• Entitles the member to 6 30-minute practice sessions in the simulator.
• Enables the junior to play 6 9-hole rounds or 3 18-hole rounds in order to gain a handicap (must be accompanied by an adult)
• Account created in the pro shop with £5 of funds added.
• Crested club T Shirt free of charge worth £29.99

Intermediate Membership (up to the age of 16)
• £65 for the year.
• All the benefits of Cadet membership
• Entitles juniors to 35% off private tuition.
• Entitles the member to play any time after 12pm throughout the year
• Enables the junior to hold a handicap and play in Junior competitions.

Full Junior Member (up to the age of 16)
• £99 for the year
• All the benefits of Cadet and Intermediate
• Entitles juniors to 50% off private tuition.
• Entitles the member to play anytime throughout the year.
• Enables the junior to hold a handicap and play in competitions.
• Entitles the member to hold a levy card.
• Entitles the member to sign in junior guests for £10 (guest must have
a handicap
• Entitles the member to play in adult competitions.

*Juniors must be 12 years or older to play on the course on their own, otherwise they are to be accompanied by an adult

Please ring us if you have any more queries.

Paul Barker or Ryan Corbett (01684 575992)

Junior Membership Application Form

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